192. Between bed sheets and bloody bodkins 

The At-Tura Estate is the home to the Redguard leader of the Midnight Union, Count Hosni at-Tura, and his wife, the Lady Adima.  The Union are an ill-famed band of smugglers and petty criminals tolerated by the Wayrest authorities; Indeed, the noble houses of Stormhaven are believed to make frequent use of their services.  All that changed recently however when members of the Union brutally attacked the Spirit Wardens of Pariah Abbey and stole a Dream Shard which has potentially left the whole of Stormhaven vulnerable to the growing iniquitous insurrection of Vaermina’s cult of the Supernal Dreamers.

Every good Guar tamer in Morrowind will warn that the longer the rein you allow a Guar, the more likely they are to buck their rider; and the richer the food you feed them, the more likely they are to bite the feeder.  This is as true of bandits as it is of beasts.

One need only look at the history of the noble houses of High Rock to learn that this is a land whose Kingdoms are bargained for between bed sheets and bloody bodkins, and its outlaws are rewarded, not with stocks and chains as in other civilized cultures, but with coronets and crowns.

There are no nobles left in all High Rock, just those with greed and gold.


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