196. Returning the Shard

The Dream Shard is returned to Pariah Abbey, and back under the care of Azura’s Spirit Wardens.  Although it is an uncomfortable thought leaving such a dangerous artefact under the protection of monks, at least it is with the people who will benefit from it the most.  The alternative would be to lock it away in Wayrest, where it could be seen by only the privileged few.  Already because of greed and fear too much beauty in this world will never be seen in the light of the sun.

It is a risk, but should we sit in darkness because every time we light a torch we cast new shadows?

No, the Dream Shard may not be in the safest place, but it is in the right place.  For every freedom we have is a risk, but it is a risk worth fighting for, because it is the ability to risk that defines us as free.


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