197. The beauty of Queen Maraya

197. The beauty of Queen Maraya

It is said of Queen Maraya that her beauty is celestial, boundless, and compelling.  That her eyes shine radiantly like gemstones set in white marble, and that her smile is like the edge of a sunrise.  The Jewel of Satakalaam, wife of the High King, firstborn of King Fahara’jad of Sentinel.  It was her great beauty that gave rise to Rancer’s wrath, and upon which the foundations for this Daggerfall Covenant were built.

It is true, she is very beautiful.  But the beauty of the flesh cannot sustain a union of divergent banners for long, because it takes but a cloud to blind us from the sun.  It is clear however that there is more to Queen Maraya then what is seen.  She has climbed from the depths, rising above her own struggles of loss and pain, to offer compassion, gentleness, and empathy to her people in their time of need.  This is the beauty of Maraya, Queen of Wayrest, and it is a beauty upon which the foundations for this Daggerfall Covenant will endure.


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