198. The ghosts of Mzeneldt 

For the price of an ale or two, tavern bards and drunken adventurers across Northern Tamriel will conjure dubious tale and fables of the sudden disappearance of the Dwemer, and of the subterranean cities they left behind.

Mzeneldt is one such ancient ruin, located somewhere near the Dragontail Mountains in Hammerfell, it consists of a series of chambers and passageways full of questions and conundrums; such as ghosts, dangerous clockwork automations, torches that seemingly never burn out, and giant machines that are still running despite thousands of years of neglect.

As we uncover the story of the ghosts of Mzeneldt, I am constantly reminded of a principle that was taught to me in my first days in the Imperial Legions; that the absolute test of a soldier is his willingness to sacrifice today for a future generation whose words of gratitude we shall never hear.

One by one the Ayleid heroes gave their lives to keep a powerful artefact from the grasp of the Harvester of Souls, and now I must help the Fighter’s Guild in retrieving that same artefact.  But whilst I came to Mzeneldt seeking answers, I find I leave with only more questions.


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