199. Goblins at Cumberland’s Watch

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A local Goblin tribe has overrun the Breton fort at Cumberland’s Watch and an overzealous Captain Rama is recruiting anyone passing to take up arms against them.  Whilst nearby the scholar Nellic Sterone studies the Goblins camp, and laments that the Stonechewers are one of the few remaining primitive tribes left in High Rock.

Whilst I have no fondness for Goblins, growing up in Cyrodiil I remember witnessing firsthand the devastation a Goblin pillaging party could wreck on isolated farmsteads, they would almost never risk open conflict with human soldiery unless provoked or incited by outside influence.  Barbaric, primitive and violent are certainly traits to be found in Goblins, but cruelty, hateful and conniving… they are the providence of men and mer.

If not for the Banners war, I firmly believe that the Stonechewers would also have found themselves driven from Breton lands by now.  It is not that primitives and beasts cannot learn to coexist with us; it is that we cannot be trusted to coexist with them.


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