210. Aphren’s remorse

210 (a). Aphren's remorse

Aphren’s Tomb is the final resting place of a merchant King whom, after setting out to conquer his neighbours, returned home triumphant only to find his fortress destroyed and his family slain in his absence.

210 (b). Aphren's remorse210 (c). Aphren's remorse210 (d). Aphren's remorse210 (e). Aphren's remorse

The Mages Guild believes that Aphren’s Sword was endowed with magical properties and covets its retrieval so that they might ‘study’ it as a relic.

I take the broken pieces I have recovered from the forts ruins down into the Kings tomb to be reforged, only to discover that my greatest challenge in this endeavour comes not from the skeleton undead guarding the catacombs, nor the King’s own indignant spirit, but from Aphren’s eternal remorse, and how my conscience is to weigh the incorporeal penitence of a long dead spirit, ‘gainst the earthly weight of a full purse of gold coin promised me upon the swords retrieval.


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