211. Climbing Shinji’s Scarp

The Ironhand ogres have made their final stand in Stormhaven at Shinji’s Scarp, halting their pursuers by raining stone and rock down from the towers and cliffs of the fortified escarpment.

The Orc general Godrun claims not to have the soldiers to spare to break the stalemate, and indeed, when I walk his camp I meet more recruits from the fighter’s guild and the Lion guard, then Orcs from his Murtag Clan.  Even Gloria Fausta and the idiot Gautier are here; traveling together now it seems…

Despite fighting at King Emeric’s side during Ranser’s war and the subsequent repatriation of Orsinium back to the Orsimer, Godrun fails to mask his resentment at High Rock for the cities razing.  If he truly is another victim of Vaermina’s insidious Omen, then it may not be too long before the general’s inner acrimony is manipulated into a rash act of treachery 

But we will have to worry about the whereabouts of the rest of his Clan later, for now I must lead the charge up the escarpment and close the caverns once and for all through which the ogres are gaining access to Sormhaven from the mountainous Wrothgar.


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