214. The Bearclaw Mine

The once abandoned Bearclaw mine is far eastern Stormhaven has been appropriated by a gang of bandits who appear to be forcing locals to dig the mine for them.

Much of the wealth of the Bretons is dug from the mines of High Rock, as well as farmed from its fertile lands, and fished from the rich waters of the Iliac Bay.  The value of mines is often dependent upon the scarcity of what they produce, so the more mines there are, and the more they produce, the less their worth; which is why High Rock is littered with abandoned mining ventures.  

With the three Banners war seemingly no closer to resolution, and the Lion’s Guard stretched beyond its limits across the province, small gangs are able to capitalize by exploiting the weak and vulnerable.

It is time to shutdown this operation for good, and return these caves to the bears. 


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