215. The Weeping Giant

215 (a). The Weeping Giant

The Weeping Giant’s cold stone eyes could do no more then watch as Vaermina’s Supernal cultists murdered the Spirit Wardens at their Shrine, before desecrating it, and stealing their most cherished relics.  I have been sent to deal with these fanatics, and cleanse the Shrine, in hope of winning the favour of Azura that she might in turn help us to save the King, who has reportedly fallen to the unnatural stupor of Vaemina’s sleepless dream.

From the very first moment I set foot in Stormhaven and found that ambushed caravan on the border road, I can’t help feel that I have been maneuvered around like a wooden piece in a court game between two Daedric lords, using Stormhaven as their game board, and King Emeric as the prize.

215 (e). The Weeping Giant

I shall continue to play my part to the end, but I suspect it matters little who wins.  This Azura may appear sincere, but these Daedric parasites will do nothing for a mortal which does not benefit them more.  Whenever a Daedric prince wins, mortals are always the losers.


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