216. Vaermina’s Weaver

216. Vaermina_s Weaver

At the fallen statue of the Weeping Giant, the Supernal Dreamers attempts to open portals to Oblivion are defeated, yet not before at least one Daedra made it through.

I find Vaermina’s Weaver hiding at the waterfall; it is a beast of such terrifying appearance that it can only be a conjuration of nightmares.  Its upper physique takes the form of a female elf, whilst its lower body has the all the anatomy of a giant spider.  It stands perhaps two hands taller than a Nord warrior, but as it recognizes my approach it rears up upon its hind legs to stands at least four hands taller.  Between its razor-sharp claws, and the lightning bolts it readily fires from its Elven appendages, I am uncertain whether it is best to stand close and at range, but when its spiderlings begin to cast their sticky webs at my feet, my decision is made for me.

As the beast closes in I keep my shield held strong and block its powerful flurry of claw strikes.  Frustrated it begins to cast its storm magics once more, but as I feel the air around me begin to crackle and charge, I strike out hard with my shield at the beasts face, leaving it sunned and staggered, defenceless against the sharp of my blade.


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