219. The monster in the dream

Like most children in times of upheaval and uncertainty, I suffered from the most vivid nightmares imaginable; of scamps and imps, horned beasts and prowling shadows, of giant Nords and bearded Elves.  But by far the worst terror that tormented my sleep was the monster from Oblivion who could never be stopped, and never be slain.

When I woke my mother with my screams she would try her best to sooth and reassure me that it was nothing more than the mischievous whispers of the Dreamweaver; none of it was real, and there were no monsters in Tamriel.  I knew she was lying, for I could see the truth of my dreams reflected in her tear-filled eyes, but she would still manage to comfort me nonetheless as only a mother knows how.

219 (e). The monster in the dream

The Daedric prince’s dread consort Galthis finally makes it’s appearance in the guise of Vaermina’s victims during its campaign of terror against Stormhaven.  Firstly High King Emeric himself, and next his betrayers; Sir Hughes, Count Hosni, and General Godrun.  I battle desperately to overcome each pretense until the Night Terror itself rises before me; the monster from my childhood nightmares, who could never be stopped, and never be slain.

219 (f). The monster in the dream219 (g). The monster in the dream

Fear buckles my legs, doubt overcomes my balance and I drop limply to my knees overwhelmed by adolescent terror; it was true, my childhood nightmare was rising to life before me and I felt helpless, unable to stop it.

But then, then I hear my mother’s soothing voice, crystal clear and all around me as if the wind itself had become her whispered breath.  And suddenly all my terror was forgot, replaced solely with confusion.  I had entered Emeric’s dream, yet why, how could he dream of my mother’s voice?  It made no sense, unless… unless this was in fact Galthis’s dream; the dream of the monster from Oblivion.

219 (h). The monster in the dream

And as the skeletal Night Terror towered to its full height, preparing to end me, I rose to meet it… because now I realize I am the monster in the dream, and I will not be stopped, and I will not be slain.


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