220. False Dreams

220 (a). False dreams

Quagmire, Vaermina’s dread realm of Oblivion; a realm of dreams, of nightmares, of horrors… and of lies.  Nothing here is real, not even Vaermina.  Too long have we mortals fawned and cowered to these false Daedric gods who, when faced with resolute heart and valorous spirit, even in their own realms choose to make their threats and barbs from behind the facade of effigy and statue.

Perhaps… perhaps one day mortals might come to Oblivion, not as slave and victims, but as regiment and legions, and then perhaps we shall be the ones to ravage and raid, maraud and lay waste as these Daedra have done to Tamriel for far too long.  Or perhaps that is just another false dream.


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