221. Oldgate

221 (a). Oldgate

My journey takes me North to Rivenspire; High King Emeric has asked that I assist his forces in their faltering attempt to restore order to the region.  At the Oldgate I discover the Shorholm Guard have been pushed back from their own city, and also an old ‘friend’ in Darien Gautier.  Whilst I have had good reason to mistrust his focus and judgment in the past, none can now doubt his commitment to High Rock and the Covenant.   He is fast becoming a champion the Breton people will need in the difficult days ahead.



221 (b). Oldgate

It has been 10 years since Ranser’s bloody rebellion was quashed, Darien describes it as it were a glorious Breton victory, yet all previous tales I heard of the conflict told that it was the Redguard from across the bay, and the Orcs of Wrothgar who eventually broke the siege of Wayrest.  I guess to the victor goes histories palette.

221 (c). Oldgate

The locals tell that a triumvirate of noble houses were given charge of Rivenspire in the aftermath of the rebellion, but now one of the houses has made a grab for power.  Baron Montclair has declared himself ‘King of Shorhelm’ and taken control of half the capitol.  His soldiers hold the roads, and I will have an arduous march ahead just to reach the city.

221 (d). Oldgate221 (e). Oldgate221 (f). Oldgate221 (g). Oldgate

Too many corpses line the roads, hills, and countryside.  Even in times of civil war and unrest, it is accepted convention that you recover the bodies of the fallen.  Have the people of Rivenspire really forgotten the lessons of history, the insidious powers of the necromancers and the Hagravens of the Reach.  Burn the corpses, or bury them deep.


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