222. The Priest of Arkay

222 (a). The Priest of Arkey222 (b). The Priest of Arkey

On the ground floor of an old tower that overlooks the Hinault farm in the Eyebright Feld, Heloise Menoit does all she can with limited supplies to heal the wounded and comfort the dying.  Meanwhile on a broken stairway above, Marnest Barclay a priest of Arkay gives final blessings over the bodies of soldiers who died fighting that day.

In a life before my escape from Coldharbor I may have berated the Priest for wasting his time on the dead whilst the living still suffered nearby.  Yet the horrors I have witnessed force me to concede that the Priest will perhaps save far more lives with his blessing of corpses then the healer in her treatment of the living.


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