227. Poison, treason and plot

227 (a). Poison, treason and plot

At Shornhelm’s Dead Wolf inn I recognize a familiar face in Nicolene, or at least I recognize her dishevelled garb.  Breton tailors are renowned for their disposition towards the garish and ostentatious; Nicolene however appears to shop exclusively in the markets of Coldharbour.

The Spearhead’s Captain Kaleen, Nicolene, and Lerisa have been employed by King Fahara’jad to track a Redguard supremacy group called the Children of Yokuda; although successful, the captain has managed to get herself captured.  To Nicolene’s obvious relief we are able to free the captain unharmed.  I can only wish that one day I might meet someone who’ll look at me in the same way as Nicolene looks at Captain Kaleen.

Together we thwart the insurgent’s plans to poison Shornhelm’s water and put an end to the Children of Yakuda, and their leader Naruk.


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