228. Friends in darkness

228. Friends in darkness

After all the constant battle and turmoil of the past few months it felt good to spend some time in the company of old friends. Friendship… as a soldier in the Legion I would have willingly, and foolishly risked my own life to shield my comrades from our enemy’s blades, but since my return from Coldharbour I had begun to believe that friendship was an unnecessary, a nicety, a distraction from my intention.

Perhaps it was because most people I have met on my journey have either raced on ahead for glory, or followed on behind for safety. In Kaleen, Lerisa, and Nicolene, I have found friends who have shown they are willing to walk beside me into danger. The Argonian’s have a saying, ‘It is better to follow the River with friends in darkness, than alone in the light’… perhaps.

What I have come to realise is that friendship is much like art, music and philosophy, in that you do not appreciate just how important they are when you are without them; it is only when with them that you discover they are a necessity.

I hope to live long enough to see my friends again.


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