231. Chasing Argonian tail

The Fevered Mews are the desolate caves and ravine set into the hillside above the Breton city of Shornhelm.  Long ago victims of plague and disease were banished here to die, still many of their blackened and charred remains litter the ravine.  Nothing lives here now, no plants or insects, even the birds won’t fly across the gully’s air which hangs heavy to this day with the stench of rot and decay.  The only sign of living are Montclair’s sullen soldiers, pondering just what they did or who they upset to get assigned to this wretched duty.

Montclair’s General Reezal-Jul has kidnapped some prominent nobles and opened a portal nearby in an attempt to bolster his occupation of Upper Shornhelm; Count Verandis describes the Argonian as ‘powerful and not quite sane’.  The Rivenspire noble joins me as we chase the Argonian’s tail deeper into the caverns but alas are too late to prevent his escape.

We fight hard to beat back his bloodfiends and set ourselves for Verandis’s attempt to close the portal for good, when through the black void steps a Vampiric Knight.


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