230. Renegades of Shornhelm

230 (d). Renegades of Shornhelm

230 (j). Renegades of Shornhelm

Shornhelm’s upper city has been overrun by Baron Montclair’s soldiers; the corpses of their victims lay all about the castle grounds disregarded by their unsympathetic killers.  Even in the Legion we were taught to respect the fallen, no matter friend or foe, because we believed that there by the grace of the Divines go we.

Too many of these victims were unarmed civilians, but I have no time to lament for those that are beyond my help, nor can I become side-tracked with thoughts of reprisal, and I canst reclaim this city alone.  I am here to prevent the renegades Juberic Gane, and Orlozag gra-Yarzol, from further treachery and to discover what I can as to the intentions of Montclair.

I fear the news with which I return suggest at a far fouler enterprise then any of us had first suspected, save perhaps Varandis.

Whilst searching the dungeons I am able to free a captured Shornhelm Guard by the name of Skordo.  In hindsight it may have been safer for him to stay put till the upper city is retaken, but there is no more pitiful a sight on Nirn than an Orc in a cage.


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