239. The lich Queen

239 (a). The Lich Queen

Palolel, the last queen of Abagarlas, returns to Tamriel thousands of years after she gave her life in defence of Molag Bal’s dread weapon, the Mortuum Vivicus.

As a lich, she if a far deadlier adversary then she ever was in life.  Her face skinless, rotting, and decaying, holds none of the former beauty of her Ayleid heritage.  Her hollow eyes radiate pure hatred and malice; this is a monster unencumbered by compassion or pity, intent only on inflicting on others the same agony and torment that she has endured in Coldharbour for over a millennium.

239 (e). The Lich Queen

We must hold the Earth Forge against this minister of the dark arts and her undead minions, lest all that the Fighter’s Guild has fought for be in vain.


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