240. Troll country

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When heading west out of Shornhelm into the oppressive hills and barren hollows of Rivenspire, it is wise to travel in company, and stay to the well-trodden roads.  To the locals this land is known as troll country.

Standing as tall as a Nord warrior on horseback, and almost equally as boorish, trolls can move with surprising speed when so roused.  Their long powerful arms, and sharp claws are their most formidable weapons, yet one would be foolish to ignore their big mouths full of jagged teeth… again much like the Nords.

A thick hide, and patchy coarse fur covers their large man-like frames, and a third eye is set high in their horny foreheads. Trolls are said to share the same temperament as the bear, solitary and reclusive, they are content to ignore the man or mer who keeps a respectful distance, but get too close and they are swift to turn savagely aggressive.


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