241. The Crestshade mine

241 (a). The Crestshade mine

The recently forsaken mines on the outskirts of Crestshade village are now under occupation of trolls.  Whether the mines were abandoned because of the troll incursion or for some other mischance is as yet unclear.  Equally uncertain is whether the trolls will make this a permanent shelter or move on once they have ransacked all the resources left behind by the villagers.

Scholars suggest that these wild creatures might be domesticated by charm or subversion, just like the horse, guar or dog.  Some have even gone so far as to speculate that they might be trained with cudgel and armor, and turned into walking weapons.  An old Cyrodilic maxim reads ‘The most learned scholars are rarely the wisest.’

241 (e). The Crestshade mine

I’ve heard stories that in some rural communities of Skyrim, the Nords have learned to co-exist with mountain giants in relative tolerance of one another; even on rare occasion coming to each other’s aid in moments of conflict, much as one might come to the aid of a neighbouring village.  But these trolls have too much of the bear about them.  Perhaps we should first learn to co-exist and tolerate the wilds rather than attempt to ‘domesticate’ it.


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