242. A town curst

Set at the foot of Rivenspire’s north-western mountain range, the town of Crestshade is the latest victim of the malevolent Argonian necromancer, Reezal-Jul.  In his retreat from Shornhelm he is said to have sent mountain rocks crashing down to seal the Doomcrag pass, which in turn destroyed much of Crestshade.  What followed was an act of pure maliciousness as in the aftermath Reezal-Jul cast a blood-curse upon the town and its surviving residents.

Now it is a town of ruin and desolation, of scuttling and shrieks, of corpses and monsters, and of ghosts who whisper ominously of a creature far more vile and sinister hidden beneath the town in the chapel’s crypts.  Whilst some townsfolk were able to escape through the southern gate, the blood-curse turned many into the feral bloodfiends that now roam the streets and feast upon the corpses.

Bloodfiends have no master but their own insatiable hunger, which they can neither control nor resist.  What repulses us most about these creatures is not that they feed upon raw flesh and blood, but that we can see reflected in them our own worst traits of gluttony and addiction.  To destroy these creatures is not to kill them; it is to release them from themselves.


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