244. Ravenwatch Castle

244 (a). Ravenwatch Castle

Vampires… Surely I should have known, or I should have been able to read the signs, but sometimes we are so focused upon the peccancy of our enemies, that we cannot see the true nature of those who we call friends.

My first reaction, and perhaps the only rational reaction, was to draw my weapon and slay every creature in this depraved castle… and yet incertitude bound my blade arm.  Count Verandis has proven thus far my most trustworthy ally in all Rivenspire, and surely if his intention was to kill me, then what better opportunity would he have had then when we were battling against the Vampiric Knight back at the Fevered Mews?

244 (e). Ravenwatch Castle

And the Bosmer girl, Gwendis, she… I see her sanguine eyes every-time I close mine and I feel…

I sheathe my sword.  It may prove to be a grave mistake, but I am far from home and alone, and am not in a position to question the true nature of my friends… lest they begin to question mine.


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