246. Memories of a vampire

The fury of Baron Montclair threatens to destroy all Rivenspire.  To stop him we must first try to understand his anger, and to do this I must visit the memories of a vampire.

Through Count Verandis’s eyes I watch as the vile Argonian Reezal-Jul manipulates Montclair’s anguish for his dying wife.  Eventually it leads them to scale the Doomcrag, overcoming skeletal warriors and a bone colossus to reach its summit.  In Ayleid ritual Montclair’s wife is given her immortality, but only as a mindless bloodfiend, whilst the Baron, his daughter, and the Argonian are turned into vampires. 

There is always a reason for anger, but seldom is it ever a good one.  Perhaps understanding his rage may not help us, because it may be that there is no chance or coincidence, and that everything that happens is set out in a scroll, or just maybe it is that we should never give up fighting, because with enough effort we can overcome even fate and destiny.


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