250. The Tamrith sisters

The Countess Eselde Tamrith has joined her younger sister Janeve at the refugee camp in the Eyebright Feld.  Together with the soldiers of House Tamrith, and the former Camlorn captain Darien Gautier, they protect the displaced survivors from Reezal-Jul’s devastating assault upon Crestshade.

When Baron Esmark Tamrith passed, his eldest daughter Eselde was the natural choice to succeed him in Rivenspire’s ruling triumvirate.  Pragmatic and earnest, the devout Eselde excelled in her studies, and her deep convictions have made her a reputable healer, and compassionate leader.

The fierce and resolute Janeve is both her opposite and her mirror; a born fighter and a natural leader.  A captain of the guard in Shornhelm’s military, and the leader of the troops of Tamrith, she is well known for her fiery nature; which occasionally burns too bright and wild, but more often is the torch to light the way.

The Bretons say that when a house has two sisters, one will be a dancer, whilst the other a watcher.  If those at Camp Tamrith are to survive to see the end of this day, then both sisters will need to dance.


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