251. The Trap

Captain Tamrith has asked me to try to find Jonah Marose and his mother who had fled from the refugee camp.  As I reach the Southgard Tower, a sudden unnatural darkness crowds in, like the door of a wooden animal trap sliding shut, and Reezul-Jul’s bloodthirsty soldiers attack.

251 (d). The trap

Dressed in House Montclair’s armour, they attack in waves, with organized, military coordination.  These aren’t the feral bloodfiends that ravaged the town of Crestshade, these are full-blooded vampires… so to speak.

251 (e). The trap

In the aftermath I find the boy atop the tower.  He claims he can sense Reezul-Jul and refuses to return; you can offer help, but you cannot enforce it.

It is only when I arrive back at Camp Tamrith that I discover the trap wasn’t for me after all.


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