260. The mystery of Traitor’s Tor

260 (a). The mystery of Traitor_s Tor260 (b). The mystery of Traitor_s Tor

Directly east of Shornhelm, casting a scowling shadow over the Westmark road looms the ruins of what is now known only as the Traitor’s Tor.  It is here some 15 years ago that the irredeemable King Ranser and his most loyal soldiers, forced into retreat by the combined forces of King Emeric’s Wayrest Alliance, and with the fearsome Orcs of Wrothgar giving dogged pursuit, chose to make their last stand.

The Colovian’s have a saying, ‘one loyal soldier is the worth of ten stolid mercenaries’.  Though it is a sentiment I can’t argue with, it could not save Ranser and his guard from their fate; the brutes of Wrothgar have little regard for sentiment.

Few would brave the Tor’s crumbled fortifications today as Ranser’s dutiful guard are reputed to haunt the ruins still, yet on the roadside a student of history requests an escort to the ruin’s central tower.  He seems convinced that once there he may discover clues as to the mystery of the Traitor’s Tor.  How and why were these soldiers cursed to still serve and fight to the last in undeath, just as they did in life?


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