261. Throwing the bones

It is in the bones of Tamriel where we can often discover her hidden history.

Long after flesh, muscle and sinew have rotted and decayed, or been picked away by skeever and crow; spell, curse and blessing will oft remain; and sometimes it can take but a fingers touch or a simple wish to awaken the witchery that is interred within.

At the central tower at the Traitor’s Tor in Eastern Rivenspire, it took just a touch of the skull and I awoke back 15 years in the past, witnessing the very climax of Ranser’s war through the eyes of one of his lieutenants.

Ranser was willing to fight to the last of his men against insurmountable odds on a faint hope of victory offered by that villainous Argonian Reezal-Jul.  Thus the mystery of why his soldiers still haunt the ruins is revealed, but just how Traitor’s Tor came by its name is made much less clear.

The bards of Westmark Moor sing that it was named for Ranser’s betrayal of King Emeric, his own soldiers, and of Rivenspire itself by taking her sons and daughters into a war for the sake of his hubris.  But could it not also be so named for General Dathieu’s final betrayal of Ranser when he thrust his sword through his back to end his life.  And what of King Emeric, whose initial betrayal when he chose to marry the Redguard Princess over Ranser’s daughter first provoked the war.  Or perhaps it is for the lizard Reezal-Jul, whose curse it was that has forced Rivenspire’s most loyal soldiers to continue to fight to the last in undeath, just as they did so in life.

It is in the bones of Tamriel where we can often discover her hidden history… but too often do we discover that our only answers are questions.


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