273. The Lorkrata Hills

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The abandoned ruins in the Lorkrata Hills in Rivenspire had originally been a stronghold built in the first era by the Bretons soon after the Aldmer Clan Direnni’s rule over High Rock had come to an end.  The foundations for the fort had itself been built upon an old Ayleid ruin, and it is said that during his reign, King Ranser had ordered the rebuilding of the once-towering ramparts to compliment the fortifications he already controlled at the Tor, hoping to thus secure his hold over the entire region.

Now just another crumbling edifice on the Rivenspire landscape, garrisoned only by skeevers; yet like so many of the ruins scattered across High Rock, it is not the fallen walls or spiring towers that are of interest to the modern explorer, but what lies beneath.


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