274. The Lorkrata Illusions

We have been a step behind the Montclairs throughout Rivenspire, and here again in the ruined halls beneath the abandoned fortress in the Lorkrata hills, it appears they have been and gone even before we arrived.  But Count Verandis Ravenwatch is certain that in the deepest chambers we will find information that will prove crucial if we are to stop the Montclairs from turning Rivenspire into a country of wandering dead.

Lleraya Montclair, aided by the corrupted Lightless Remnant, has cast a series of illusion spells upon the ruins, but small tears in the veil of her mirages give hope that we may make it through her traps safely.  The Skeletal warriors however are very real indeed, but my sanguisuge companion proves himself to be a more then capable ally in confrontation.


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