275. Bandit Country

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The ferocity of the Orc bandit’s initial attack threatened to overwhelm me.  As strong and fierce as a bear, yet untamed and ill-disciplined, she soon overextended herself and I was able to take advantage.  I will never know her name or the tale of what led her to this end, but I shall lament her spirit in the next tavern I come to, because I must never forget that there but by the grace of the Divines go I.

For generations now the lawless wilds of Rivenspire have proved ungovernable for the regions rulers.  Home to the desperate and destitute, to those who would seek profit from discontent, to those disenchanted with Rivenspire’s fractured-society, to those who would undermine its rule, and those who feel injustice, or simply tire of living every day in fear.  But now also home to the many former soldiers of the brittle alliances in a far away war, who choose a life in exile rather than go to battle with allies they trust as little as the enemy they face.

This is Bandit Country.


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