278. Fell’s Run

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Between the grim ruins atop the Lorkrata hills in Eastern Rivenspire, and the Dorell’s besieged city of Northpoint lies the picturesque vale town of Fell’s Run.  Whilst only a small community, the town is yet served by a large roadside tavern, a general goods store, a Fighters guild, and a Mages guild; which somewhat curiously doubles as a jewellery store.

Stone chimney-smoking cottages are built upon land which could almost be described as verdant when compared with the dry barons to the south.  Giant windmill sails turn non-stop in the High-Rock winds, grinding grist to flour to feed and trade.  Cattle graze in pastures watered by a nearby brook in which silver fish glide by, and birds fly with whistle and chirp overhead from rocky hillside to bottle-green trees which offer residents both shade in summer, and fire in winter.

A man could wish for little more in a rural refuge… yet why then is there fear and disquiet behind every eye I greet?

The people here are deathly afraid, visibly so, and yet no one is willing to openly talk about it.  Perhaps it comes from the constant threat of the Bitterhand bandits who have taken residence in the hills close-by, or the brash and boorish new constable who only recently took office in town, or perhaps it is the unearthly sounds coming from the nearby Edrald estate at night.

This idyllic town is screaming silently for help.


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