279. A little magic and a lot of muscle

279 (a). A little magic and a little more muscle

It took just a little borrowed magic to discover why the people of Fell’s Run were living in such fear of their new Constable and bailiff.  But it was to take a lot of muscle to overcome their confederate Bulzog, a brute Orc who was holding town’s people’s relatives hostage at an old mill to the south of town.

Alas, by the time I returned Constable Gavendien had already gotten away with what he had come for, a large shipment of amethysts that were bound for the jewellery store.  But whist he made his escape had also took something far, far more valuable.  Simply to deter the locals from giving chase, the bandit thief mercilessly cut the throat of the jeweller and left her to bleed to death on the street.

279 (f). A little magic and a little more muscle

This was a repugnant act of a coward, and I swear by the blessed Hammer of Stendarr, that if I have to cut my way through an entire Bitterhand encampment to bring him to justice, I shall.


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