280. Old Fell’s Fort

280 (a). Old Fell's Fort

The Bitterhand Bandits have set up camps in abandoned delves and old Breton ruins throughout Rivenspire, just like this one at the Old Fell’s Fort.  Much like the Red Rooks in Northern Glenumbra, the cut-throat gang have been able to operate on the highways and rural lands of the region without fear of interference or reprisal from local authorities, whose capability to defend their people has been hamstrung by the Montclair’s treachery, and their ongoing commitments to the Three Banners War.

Unlike the Red Rooks however, who overran the remote town of Crosswych, and sought alliance with Angof and his Bloodthorn Cult, the Bitterhands have shown little ambition beyond preying upon unwary travellers, and under-protected small towns.  I wonder if they even know the threat the Montclair’s nefarious intentions poses to all life in Rivenspire.  Surely even they have had to fight back the bloodfiend scourge; and what protection are crumbling fort walls against the blood-curse that so swiftly devoured the once secure and sheltered town of Crestshade?


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