288. Orc’s Finger Ruins

288 (a). Orc's Finger Ruins

Whilst searching south of Northpoint I discover the entrance to an Ayleid delve known locally as ‘Orc’s Finger ruins’.  Perhaps it gained its contemporary nickname from the shape of the rocky crags that shadow its entrance, for the original name for the Ayleid settlement appears now lost to history.

Inside the ancient hallways and chambers remain remarkably well preserved, with the crystals still lighting much of the subterranean city long after the light of their architects have faded from Tamriel.

It is no surprise to find that Bitterhand Bandits have found their way into the ruins, squatting in the dank, mucid corridors, waiting upon the night when they surface like skeevers to pick at the corpses of those who would brave the day.

The defeat of their rather inordinately named leader, Fingaenion Forestsmasher, may serve to keep the rodents in their hole for a while at least.


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