289. The Ayleid Well

289. The Ayleid Well

In the depths of the ancient subterranean settlement known only as ‘Orc’s Finger ruins’, an Ayleid Well still radiates magical energy just as it has done for the many hundreds of years since the Ayleid’s were forced to abandon their great cities.

As a young man exploring my homeland of Cyrodiil, we would occasionally discover such Ayleid monuments in the wilds.  I remember vividly the sensations as we approached the Wells light, how my skin would tingle, and I would quickly begin to feel invigorated, full of energy, both physically and mentally.  However, once we knew where such Wells were located, we would be sure to steer clear for they would attract all sorts of strange and unsavoury characters.  Nomadic Elven sorcerers, Hagravens, gangs of Breton cultists, and even at one we watched dumbfounded as a band of Bandaari Peddlers were attempting to bottle the light.

History scholars often teach that these Ayleid Wells inhale their magic from the stars at night and then slowly breathe the energies back into the skies when fully charged.  One wonders the plausibility of such an explanation given how far underground this Well is built.

Some have proposed the Well’s location is the key; suggesting that they were built upon points where ancient lines of mystical energies crossed or met.  I have even heard a tavern theory that they were built to mirror upon Nirn the constellations in the sky.  Whilst both highly unlikely, no-one has as yet been able to map their locations to fully disprove either theory.

It is all just conjecture of course, the Ayleids like the Dwemer, have now passed from Nirn and took much of their knowledge with them, leaving even our brightest scholars with only suppositions, theories, and empty bottles of light.


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