298. Secrets of Norvulk

298 (h). Secrets of Norvulk

Abnur Tharn sends a message from the Mages Guild in Daggerfall, he believes important documents revealing where Mannimarco is holding the swordmaster Sai Sahan prisoner, may be found amongst the ancient Ayleid ruins of Norvulk.

We each have our own reasons for wanting to rescue the Redguard.  Varen seeks a fifth companion to fulfil some prophesy he claims to have seen in the Elder Scrolls before they took his sight.  The battlemage Tharn’s sole concern is the restoration of the Empire to its former glory, and for that he needs the Amulet of Kings, of which only Sai Sahan knows the location.  Titanborn is insistent upon his rescue, yet offers little reason beyond duty; I sense perhaps a deeper, as yet unspoken connection between the two.  

As for myself, I have seen all too often what can happen when ancient relics of power are wielded with nefarious intent.  I care little for this Redguard, yet will gladly ride into the very bowels of Oblivion to prevent him divulging the whereabouts of the Amulet of Kings to the Worm, whether by rescue or bloodlet.

I must try however all to save this man, for my patron Stendarr teaches, ‘never refuse aid you are capable of providing.’  Besides, I think once I cease to see the value of a single life, I may lose the last of my humanity, and become all but soul-shriven.

So I return to the dark vaults of Norvulk with Tharn, to face once more the black and crimson Dremora, and we shall learn what we can.


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