299. The mystery of the Emerald Chalice

299 (a). The mystery of the Emerald Chalice

Nobody personifies the Breton maxim, ‘never take an unnecessary risk when you can employ another to take it for you’, more than the Lady Clarisse Laurent.

Here at the caves of Breagha-Fin, the distinguished treasure hunter and her ever dutiful attendant Stibbons, are searching, and by ‘searching’ I of course mean she has hired others to search, for an Emerald Chalice; a supposedly enchanted Mages Guild artifact stolen by a corrupt Nord mage named Malofar.

299 (i). The mystery of the Emerald Chalice

Before the sluggards disappeared, the esteemed Lady’s hirelings reported that the caves were full of goblins, which begs the question, what became of Malofar and his followers, and where did this hitherto unknown goblin clan spring from?


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