301. Hildune’s once secret refuge

Hidden inside the abandoned Hildune house in the fishing village of Northsalt can be found the only entrance to a forgotten mine.  In this tortured realm, no cave or delve remains empty for long, and Hildune’s once secret refuge is now being used as a burrow by House Montclair’s vampiric soldiers, who hide in wait for the command from their necromantic leader, Leidmir Corpse-Caller, to rise and devour the unsuspecting village above.

These living corpses are unencumbered by pity or regret, and care nothing for whomever or whatever their next victims will be.  They are strengthened by the blood upon which they feed, yet for them their savage bloodlust is far more than just survival and sustenance, it as a glory, a splendour, a purpose pure, and a valorous challenge to the confines of mortality.


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