302. Desuuga, daughter of the sea

302 (a). Desuuga, daughter of the sea302 (b). Desuuga, daughter of the sea302 (c). Desuuga, daughter of the sea302 (d). Desuuga, daughter of the sea

In Siren’s Cove, near Northsalt,

Desuuga dances free,

singing her silvery serenade,

to the mariners of the sea.

‘Come set here your anchor,

and rest your aching oars,

come dance with me and caper,

upon my golden shores’.

As my boat drifted ever closer,

waves pulling me in near,

I could take not my eyes from her,

as her seduction filled my ear.

In the sun her scales did glisten,

with rich aqua hue,

her hair all trussed with seaweed,

shimmered deep marine blue.

I tried to resist her beckoning,

but my heart was fully stirred,

and few can resist enchantment,

when her haunting song is heard.

But as my boat reached sandy shore,

her sweet song swift turned sour,

and she summoned forth a tempest,

invoking oceans power.

Her fury was like the crashing of waves,

breaking upon the reef,

frost bolt, geyser, and blinding salt spray,

my shield my sole relief.

We battled for what felt like hours,

till finally I sunk deep my blade,

and the wondrous daughter of the sea,

shall dance no more this day.


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