304. Elaborate Truths

304 (a). Elaborate Truths

Erokii is believed to have once been the greatest of all the Ayleid cities in Northwest Tamriel, now however it is a carcass picked clean by carnivorous treasure hunters and tomb robbers.

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The relics of Erokii have been traded all over Tamriel for a thousand years, yet still the rapacious opportunists come, because the myths surrounding this long dead city, which are still sung about by tavern bards and debated by esteemed scholars alike, are just too seductive to disregard.

There is an old Colovian adage that goes ‘a myth is a simple truth wrapped in an elaborate lie’.  Perhaps, but the more I travel throughout Tamriel, the more I am discovering that many a myth turns out to be elaborately true.

304 (j). Elaborate Truths

Maybe it is then that the greatest myth of Erokii, the Tear of Anurraame, may in fact be true, and the relic most romanced by the bards, is buried somewhere deep in these very ruins, just waiting for a rapacious opportunist to recover.


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