305. The Boralis Dolmen

305 (a). The Boralis Dolmen

As I finally reach the foot of the Doomcrag in Rivenspire, I am greeted once more by the dread overture of the dark anchor.  The deafening bawl of the obnoxious horns followed hard by the grinding of great chains proclaims Molag Bal’s latest attempt to drag all of Nirn into eternal bondage.

But once more the peoples of Tamriel, irrespective of gender, race, alliance, or guild, rush to repel the Daedric invaders.  Because freedom comes not from treaty, it comes from those who stand most alone, standing together as one.

305 (f). The Boralis Dolmen

It is we, the people of Tamriel who must hold back the Oblivion incursions, because the alliances and guilds exist not to ensure our freedom, they exist because of our freedom.


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