306. The last true Knights of High Rock

306 (a). The last true Knights of High Rock

Amidst the ruins of the once great Ayleid city of Erokii in Western Boralis, the combined forces of Rivenspire are camped waiting upon their bickering leaders to agree a plan to take them beyond the ancient defences of the Shrouded Pass, up the very summit of the Doomcrag, and into a final confrontation with Baron Montclair.

Once more it is Count Verandis Ravenwatch who takes command of the situation, as he has done so throughout, driven it seems by his own guilt.  I wonder what history will eventually say about this curious circumstance that sees a vampire leading the great houses of Rivenspire into a battle that could decide the future of all High Rock.

In the camp, I meet with the Breton Darien Gaultier who once more has rushed to the defence of High Rock and her people.  And the Orsimer Skordo, whose heroic exploits proved vital to the liberation of Northpoint.  If we are to face an entire legion of the undead, I would ask for non-others to stand beside me then Darien and Skordo, perhaps the last true Knights of High Rock.