307. Ascending the Shrouded Pass

The Shrouded Pass is a modern epithet given to the ruins of the once great city of Erokii, because of the heavy fogs that now dress the valley like a cerement.  The leaders of Rivenspire had planned to climb the pass to the very summit of the Doomcrag, and there finally put to an end the threat of both Baron Montclair and the Lightless Remnant.

The Baron however has somehow managed to activate ancient Ayleid defences to block the troops advance.  The bones of Erokii’s long buried guardians have risen to his call.  A colossal construct of flaming bones, and a giant gargoyle of living stone, guard Ayleid puzzles that hold shut solid doors sealed by ancient magics.  All must be overcome before we can reach the portal rooms above and summon the Nobles and their house troops for the final confrontation.


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