315. A rather curious coronation

The nobles and notables of Rivenspire gather at Shornhelm castle for the coronation of a new King or Queen of Shornhelm.  High King Emeric admits that the triumvirate was a mistake and has come North to choose between the Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith for who should rule over this fractured land.

315 (d). A rather curious coronation

Or rather curiously, he has proxied that decision to a foreign-born former Imperial soldier without a soul, who has twice now cut the High King down with his sword, albeit in the nightmare realms of Vaermina and Sheogorath.

Countess Tamrith promises to restore the faith, prioritizing care for the displaced, and rebuilding Rivenspire with the peoples interests at its heart; whilst the Baron promises to lead with a firm hand, primarily strengthening the countries defences by rebuilding the Shornhelm guard to protect land and people.

I firmly believe both would make capable rulers, but disparate times requires particular leaders.  Only with hindsight, that vice of the historian, could I be sure that I was making the correct decision, but as the Argonian’s are fond of saying, one should never ride a Guar up a mountain backwards.

315 (g). A rather curious coronation

Rebuilding this land and its people will require hard, unpopular, and unpalatable decisions.  When it came to making such a decision about his son, for right or wrong, Baron Dorell showed he was both willing and capable to make it.  If High Rock was at peace, I may well have chosen differently, but the Three Banners war shows no sign of end, and the anchors still fall.


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