316. The Queen’s request

316. The Queen_s request

Whilst still in grieving for the loss of her beloved sister Lakana at the Alcaire Castle, it is no surprise that Queen Maraya worries for the safety of her father. She speaks of rumours of an evil risen in the Alik’r, a threat that the desert people have not faced for many years.  She asks of me, as the King’s champion, if I would travel to the home of the Redguard and investigate these rumours on her behalf.

I will not journey to Sentinel as the King’s Champion.

For I remember too well, that whilst the High King wallowed in his own melancholy and self-doubt in the Dreamweaver’s nightmares, it was the Queen who, despite suffering her own grievous loss and pain, stood firm to offer strength and empathy to the people of Stormhaven in their time of most need.

Maraya is no mere consort, she is a leader, and it is her compassion that fills the hearts of the people with hope; like a bright doorway on a cold winter’s night, or the first blossoms of spring, she is the very soul of the Daggerfall Covenant.

She is a Queen, and I shall travel to the Alik’r as the Queen’s champion.


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