334. Familiar faces in a foreign land

334 (a). Familiar faces in a foreign land

I am to meet with the Breton mage, Gabrielle Benele, atop the mages tower in Sentinel.  I last saw the fair Gabrielle back in Glenumbra where she opened the sealed Catacombs of Cath Bedraud, which led to my confrontation with the loathsome Reachman, Angof the Gravesinger.  And now I need her once again to open another sealed door, this time to the Impervious Vaults under the palace in Sentinel, where the Withered Hand are attempting to steal the fabled Ansei Wards.

Gabrielle has seemingly grown in both confidence and repute since we last met and is a most welcome bright and friendly face in this harsh land; the Redguards can appear aloof and surly towards those not of their own kin.

334 (b). Familiar faces in a foreign land

And Gabrielle is not the only familiar face I’ve met in my short time in Sentinel.  Crafty Lerisa I found at the Frozen Palms Tavern celebrating the acquisition of a new ship, the Maiden’s sigh.  It is good to hear her tell how she still leads the libertine Jakarn a merry chase.

I also found Captain Kaleen, relaxing on the first floor of the palace.  Her good service to the Covenant cause has been rewarded by the King with the command of three more ships.  She has even seen fit to promote her former cabin girl Nicolene to first mate.  And the ever-resolute Elf Neramo I discovered researching for his next expedition into Dwemer ruins, both known and rumoured, buried beneath the Alik’r’s ever shifting sands.  He’s still employs the enigmatic Vimy to watch his back.


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