352. Once more unto the maelstrom


352 (a). Once more unto the maelstrom

As the dark deviant clouds gather above the Alik’r Desert, the stiff, dry winds whip up a biting sandstorm all about the Myrkwasa Dolmen.  A dread horn bellows in the outer darkness and the foul grapnels of Coldharbour fall from the turmoil in the sky.  Once more unto the maelstrom.

Yet unlike so many other regions that wane under the daily daedric onslaught, this is the Alik’r, home to the  Redguard, the heirs of the indomitable Ra Gada.  No anchor that falls upon the Alik’r goes unchallenged.

To the people of the desert, the anchors are no longer considered a threat and crisis; they are almost welcomed as opportunity. An opportunity to train and sharpen skills, to earn coin and repute from the Fighter’s Guild, and to socialize.

The desert people have turned hunting Molag Bal’s anchors into a sport, and others now travel from all across Nirn just to take part.


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