355. Tu’whacca’s Throne






Built atop one of the highest plateaus in the Alik’r Desert, Tu’whacca’s Throne is a vast Redguard pantheon that serves as both a sacred burial ground and a temple dedicated to the Caretaker of the Far Shores, who escorts the souls of their dead safely into the afterlife.

To the outsider, the Redguard may appear to hold their honour to the dead above their duty to the living, but the Redguard believe that we are more than just this frame of bones.  To them, suffering is but a silhouette that shadows our every step, and though each footfall is stalked by sickness, age, and frailty, we must keep walking on, for at the end of the road lies the promise of deliverance to the Far Shores.

It is ironic then that the bodies of their consecrated dead have been risen by the insidious magics of the Withered Hand necromancers, and now hold the walls of this great sanctum against the living.


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