354. Goblins and Ogres

At the heart of Divad’s Chagrin Mine in the Alik’r can be found the leaders of the Sandgrubber tribe, the Goblin Shaman Nokhailaedhaz, and the unimaginatively named Ogre, Even Bigger.

Scholars believe that Goblins and Ogres share both heritage and deity, so it is no surprise to find them sheltered together in this makeshift burrow.  Indeed, it was not so long ago that giant Goblins, who it was said could rival Ogres in both strength and size, would walk these very sands; until the Ra Gada arrived in Hammerfell to drive them from their desert home.

Whilst in most primitive and barbaric Goblin societies it is often the biggest and strongest of their number who leads, in this case it is safe to surmise that the more intelligent Goblin Shaman holds the stronger influence over the Sandgrubbers.

Back in my homeland of Cyrodiil, the reclusive Ogres lived in small communities in hinterlands and remote caves, so townsfolk and settlers knew to keep a wary distance.  Goblins on the other hand were aggressive and violent neighbours and as such were actively hunted for by militia and mob, and now only survive in small nomadic packs.


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